The case against Jussie Smollett is one of the biggest farces in American legal history and it was obviously managed by partisan stooges like Joe DiGenova, who clearly understand the fact that the Grand Jury that initiated this witchhunt, was of the kind that "could prosecute a ham sandwich", which is clearly what Jussie was in the current circumstance. Moreover, in the hands of an unscrupulous special prosecutor, the power to harrass is tyrranical, if one recalls the fate of Julie Hiatt Steele, whose only crime was her willingness to tell the truth. And lest we forget the fate of innocent people like Jim Mcdougal in the hands of a partisan like Kenn Starr, more people will needlessly die in prison because crusaders like Starr pervert the course of justice.

If the rather preposterous theory of the prosecution is correct which is extremely doubtful because two buffed thugs staged a hate crime when they accepted payment for the nuisance that friend, Jussie Smollett, had planned, and that is a patently ridiculous scheme. Strangely, people make fun of Smollett for allegedly planning a preposterous scheme but give the Nigerian brothers a pass for engaging it. The real joke is not on Smollett, but on people who are actually gullible enough to believe the Nigerian brothers. Needless to say, Jussie is the only one telling the truth in a sorry saga where the real crimes are ignored, and that should certainly be no surprise to anybody in the current environment.

I am not going to waste any more time on what is clearly a preposterous prosecution -if they are all guilty, lock them all up, do not selectively prosecute Jussie Smollett simply because most people are more hysterical than not when it comes to understanding the simple truth. Two Nigerian brothers who were obviously trying to exploit Jussie's fame, were taken into custody in connection with the alleged attack but they were only a part of the sorry saga because a white man was their partner in crime, his identity has never been exposed and this is obviously a case where the truth is aggressively covered up to keep the real criminals out of jail, where they in fact belong.

The alleged assailants turned accusers were budding models and ACTORS Abimbola "Abel" and Olabinjo "Ola" Osundairo - what men used to call airheads and gold diggers, regarding their female counterpars when women did not receive the respect they deserved. Today, when they are not legitimate victims, they are mostly, male and female alike, frequently politically motivated and always engaged in some form of blackmail to extort a specific target -like Jussie Smollett.

When the brothers were initially arrested it was publicly indicated that "Detectives have probable cause that they may have been involved in an alleged crime." That is what police spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi, had said.

Their lawyer, Gloria Schmidt, said the brothers had worked on Smollett's hit Fox drama, and that the three of them were gym buddies who worked out together, and they were promptly released. The fact is however, even if the brothers were telling the truth, they should have been prosecuted with Smollett. Encouraging them to lie for the purpose of saving their skin is called suborning perjury, and those who get it backwards, accuse Jussie Smollett for telling the truth -and that has been the precedent of these kinds of prosecutions/persecutions.

Undoubtedly, the Nigerian brothers have silent partners, people of the character of a Roger Stone or a Drew Hernandez and while they run and hide, their handiwork is right here for all the world to see.

Moreover, in the paranoia-driven universe MAGA has embraced, Jussie Smollett had a huge target on his back because it was widely talked about that he was being groomed to be the next Obama and as we should all know by now, friendship and hatred have made justice change sides.

In fact, on June 26, 2020 John Catanzara, president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 in Chicago echoed President Trump's false claims that November's election was stolen and expressed sympathy with rioters who tried to derail Congress' certification of Joe Biden's election.

John Catanzara, elected to represent the city's 12,000 rank-and-file police officers, said he understands the frustration behind the riot, which led to four deaths, injuries to several police officers and damage to the Capitol.

"There was no arson, there was no burning of anything, there was no looting, there was very little destruction of property," Catanzara said. "It was a bunch of pissed-off people that feel an election was stolen, somehow, some way."

Catanzara repeatedly echoed President Donald Trump's false claims;

"I don't have any doubt that something shady happened in this election. You're not going to convince me that that many people voted for Joe Biden. Never for the rest of my life will you ever convince me of that. But, again, it still comes down to proof."

Given the mentality of his evident enemies, the only proof I need to resolve silly controversy is the simple truth that somebody like Jussie Smollett profers because, in the current circumstance, he is the only one who is grounded in reality.

Postscript: Not surprised he was convicted, but what was the jury thinking? How could anybody buy the preposterous prosecution theory that Smollett staged attack because he wanted publicity. The truth is, Trump's cult resented the fact he had a national platform and they wanted to shut him up. That was clearly accomplished, but at what cost? Special Prosecutor Webb, essentially suborned perjury to get Smollett convicted and the fact that a security guard testified he saw a white person running after Smollett was assaulted is still the best evidence that Smollett is credible and those who make fun of him live in the alternative reality that is responsible for every current, miscarriage of justice.

I am an expert at exposing miscarriages of justice and this is just one more chapter of "American Grotesque" where the administration of justice in the United States is concerned and it is sad commentary that even CNN's Anderson Cooper, who is supposed to represent the saner side of the news, jumped on the silly bandwagon that Jussie Smollett perjured himself at his trial.

The fact is, he told the truth as he knew it while his accusers hid behind, "I don't recall" in effort to conceal their deception; and they clearly failed to fool anybody in the court where truth favors nothing but credible facts.

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